• Real estate and factories – appraisal, memorandum, privatization and business plans
  • Project finance – banking, venture capital, angel, portfolio credit enhancement etc.
  • Project management
  • Financial Institutions sell and purchase
  • Speculative financing and securities arbitrage
  • Investment alternatives, hedge funds, fund of funds and financial derivatives
  • Factoring and Forfeiting
  • Financial institutions funds attraction
  • Financial risk insurance and reinsurance of clients
  • Software development – databases, web, e-payment, security systems, trading platforms, control and testing, integral, differential calculus, Fourier analysis, random processes and neural networks application
  • ‘Raising of equities’ – privatization, bankruptcy, state property
  • IPOs compiling, preparation and presentation
  • Financial consultancy – based on nearly twenty years experience
  • Private placement and debt trading of a senior class debentures (instruments)
  • Securities transfer (collateral transfer) and utilization
  • Substantial amounts of commodities trading, financial support,  management
  • Emerging markets – consultancy, marketing, forecasts
  • Bulgarian stock market investments consultancy


BKCE Consortium recommendations: 

We always strongly recommend our clients, members and associated members to strictly follow the traditional methods and rules of international trading before going into any deal with any party met over the internet. Such as getting prior company confirmation by phone, fax or by mail besides necessary cross checks done through the related local bodies like banks, chambers of commerce, related trade associations, etc. Attention should be paid to the specifics especially before realizing any money transaction.


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